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Restoring forest

Collect Donation over the world

By planting trees with World Land Trust (WLT), you are helping to restore forests that have been lost to deforestation.
Habitat loss is one of the greatest threats to wildlife worldwide, and WLT works with its network of in-country conservation partners to protect crucial habitats from threats such as agriculture, road building and mining.


Collect fund over the world

Plant a Tree donations enable our partners to replant forests using native species. Each donation to Plant a Tree funds the care of one tree to the point at which it can survive on its own. This includes collecting the seed, nurturing the seedling, preparing the land, planting the tree, tending the sapling, and protecting the new forest. If the tree dies, another tree will be planted in its place.


Collect fund over the world

Volunteer are another valuable resource for school, hospitals, etc. Often people, community volunteers, local businesses are willing to supply donations for our organization. When asking for donations, target businesses with services that match your needs and be specific and professional in your requests. make sure to always acknowledge and thank your donors.


yadhumadi integrated rural and urban development society

yadhumadi integrated rural and urban development society


Yadhumadi Integrated Rural and Urban Development society , Volunteer cum Activis

పర్యవరణంపై నిరంతరం అనంతమైన ప్రేమతో, నిర్విరామ కృషితో ముందుకు సాగుతోంది. ఈ ప్రవాహంలో ఎంతోమంది చిన్నా.. పెద్ద తమ వంతు సహకారం అందిస్తు మొక్కలు నాటడం జరిగింది. అంతే కాకుండా ఆ కాలనీవాసులు స్వచ్చందంగా ముందుకు వచ్చి ఈ కార్యక్రమంలో పాల్గొనడమేకాక Yadhumadi group సభ్యత్వం తీసుకోవడం జరిగింది. పచ్చని ప్రకృతి తో అలంకరించాలనే మా ప్రయత్నానికి అందరూ తమ వంతు సహకారాన్ని అందిస్తారని ఆశిస్తూ... - -Yadhumadi Group

Plantation in Sricity

Free plant donation and awareness Campaign program conducted by Yadhumadi integrated Rural and Urban Society at "MEDIMIX" company at TADA , near "Sricity SEZ" to Company Administration Staff and Worker's of Factory all are attending The HR manager Sri Sudheer Kumar very much initiated and conducted the awareness program among the workers and staff More than 250 plants are distributed

Independence day

Independence day

Happy 73rd independence day

On behalf of 73rd independence day, we are planting trees in government high school in Sullurpet, Andhra Pradesh.


About Us

Growing pain for us in future The world goes to build infrastructure projects the loss of land and forestry The next generation struggling for anything like food water air Pollutants We don't have to reclaim the resources from In the destroyed present globe But we definitely restructure the world with polluted free and go friendly globe.
Do improving forestry and environmental and agricultural farming for next generation
If you save me today, i will save you tomorrow...
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